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Our adventurers are walking in the jungle looking for medicinal herbs they need (in case they get sick) when they are ambushed by natives previously unknown to them.  They are taken to their village and are met by the chief.  The chief knows the English language because a missionary was lost on the plateau years ago and was befriended by the chief.  The men are allowed to talk to the chief but the women are dragged to a nearby hut.  In this village the women have no rights and are not allowed to talk to the chief.  Marguerite is fuming these natives think so little of women.  Roxton tells Marguerite for the time being she should be quiet for all their sakes.  Challenger agrees that this might be for the best.  The chief tells the women that they should listen to their "husbands".  In the women's hut Veronica tells Marguerite that she can out-hunt any man in this village.  Marguerite agrees with her but this won't help them in this situation. 
Marguerite says "What did they mean "listen to our husbands"  - could you imagine being married to any of these men?" 

Dream sequence: Marguerite and Roxton.  In a stately manor in England, Lord Roxton (dressed in his most lordly clothes) and Lady Roxton (Marguerite) are in their state dining room discussing the day's events. 
Roxton says "I am to go on an expedition with Professor Challenger to explore a "Lost World"." 
Marguerite says "I want to go on this adventure too!" 
Roxton says "My ladyship, you are to stay here, to take care of my manor and our FIVE children.  A woman's place is in the home and since my home is my castle, your place is here!" 
Marguerite stamping her feet in a temper tantrum, says "Your lordship, I can take care of myself in the jungle.  A woman can go on an adventure too!" 
Then Roxton procedes to leave with rifle over his shoulder, and Marguerite screaming after him "Roxton, you come back here!  Don't you even think about leaving me here in England whilst you traipse around the jungle.  Roxton! Rrrrroxton!"

Back at the hut, Veronica says "I don't know Marguerite, but I think it would be nice to be married to Ned."

Dream sequence: Veronica and Ned.  A romantic dinner for two in the treehouse, beautiful flowers everywhere, a breeze blowing through the trees, a beautiful full moon with sparkling stars in the sky.  Veronica in her mother's ball gown, beautiful hair  sweeping her shoulders.  Veronica waiting for Ned to enter from the next room.  When he appears he has notebooks and paper and pencils and lots of books trying to get a story for the newspaper. 
Veronica sighs and says "Oh well, Ned, maybe some other time." 
Ned looks up to see Veronica's hurt expression on her face, drops all the books on the floor, and rushes to her side.  He pulls her face to his and gives her a long, passionate kiss.

Back at the hut, Marguerite says "Right, Veronica, Ned give up a story for a woman."   Marguerite looks at Veronica and says "Well, maybe he would Veronica, but only for you." Then both women laugh. 
Back at the chief's hut the men are conversing with the chief.  Roxton and Malone are talking to each other.  Challenger and Summerlee are talking to the chief. 
Ned says "Can you believe this chief thought Veronica and Marguerite are our wives?"
  Roxton says "Veronica would make you a good wife, Malone, but Marguerite with me?  I don't know about this but what if..."

Dream sequence: Roxton and Marguerite at his stately manor in England.
Roxton cleaning his rifle, Marguerite walks in.  Not in a dress but in her long pants and long white coat (jungle clothes).  Her hair pulled back in a ponytail and her jungle hat on her head.  She talks to Roxton who is seated in a chair (behind Roxton, hanging on the wall is a portrait of Marguerite in a beautiful Victorian period ball gown, jewels on her neck and fingers  and a small boy about five years old {the spitting image of Lord Roxton} beside her. 
Marguerite says "Come on Roxton, we will be late for Professor Challenger's expedition. I made the necessary arrangments for our son to be taken care of while we are away. I just know there are some hidden treasures we can find in this jungle. And remember since I financed this journey I am in charge of this expedition"
Roxton says "Really Marguerite, the only treasure I care about is you!" He puts down his gun and takes Marguerite in his arms and kisses her passionately!  Maguerite briefly struggles but succumbs to Roxton's embrace.

Back at the chiefs hut: Ned says "Roxton, do you think Marguerite would give up a treasure for any man?  Ned pauses then says " Well maybe she would Roxton, but only for you! Then both men laugh.

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