Matchmaker Part III "You've Got A Way" belongs to Shania Twain, I just used the song for this story, it's not mine

Summerlee struggled to get undone, when he saw Roxton and the other's heading his way.
"We're close I hear him." Roxton said.
"Look! There he is!" Ned said.
Roxton un-tied him, and Summerlee sighed.
"Thank you."
Marguerite saw a note fall. She picked it up. "Roxton, this is not good."
Roxton took the note and read it --
This is a warning, I will be back.
"Your right, whoever did this, is not finished...yet." Roxton said.
"Roxton, Let's go back." Veronica stated.
"Your right there." Roxton replied.


Roxton leaned his gun up againest the tree house, "You alright Summerlee?"
"I think so." Summerlee responded. "I'm going to go rest."
"Maybe that's a good idea." Marguerite said.
Roxton went out on the balcony.
"Where are you going?" Marguerite asked, joining him.
"Come here." Roxton said, taking her hand.
Roxton spun around, a look of surprise on his face.
"I'm going to change first."
"Oh, okay." Roxton replied.

Marguerite opened her suitcase, and pulled out a red dress, she held it up, she then smiled and changed clothes.
Roxton waited, when Marguerite came out, stared, she looked beautiful, defiantly not usually what she wore while he was there.


"Should we dare spy on them?" Veronica asked.
"I dare." Ned replied.
"Me too." Veronica said.
They looked over the railing and saw Marguerite and Roxton.

"May I have this dance?" Roxton asked.
Marguerite nodded, and Roxton took her hand in his and put his hand on her lower back.
Shania Twain's "You've Got A Way" is playing
Veronica and Ned, looked at each other, and smiled.
Roxton slowly leaned in, to kiss her. Marguerite thought, should I pull away, or let him kiss me?
Roxton's lips met hers, and Marguerite didn't pull away. It was soft, gentle and romantic.
Then it started to rain, and Marguerite and Roxton pulled away, they laughed, and Roxton picked her up, and then kissed her. 'It's just the way you are...'