Roxtons Birthday

by, JanJ4
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It's a day like any day at the Treehouse except our adventurers have found out that Roxton's birthday is tomorrow.
Ned: "Roxton is down below getting some water and I just found out that his birthday is tomorrow. I was going over some of my papers that I kept on the research of our members of the expedition and according to this Roxton turns 38 tomorrow."

Veronica:"That's great! We can plan a suprise party for him."

Challenger:"I agree, this is just the thing we need to lift all our spirits.Veronica, would you like to organize this party?"

Veronica:"Yes, Challenger I would be happy to!"

Ned:"And I'll help Veronica."

Summerlee:"That's the spirit lad."

Challenger:"So we all agree Veronica is in charge so what ever she says goes."



Marguerite"Wait a minute why does jungle girl get to be in charge. Back in London, my parties were the talk of the town."

Ned: "Yeah, Marguerite the bad talk of the town!"

Marguerite:"Now wait a minute you pipsqueak!'

Challenger: "That's enough both of you. Veronica did such a fine job of planning Ned's birthday party,I think it would only be fitting to plan this one, and since you are outvoted Marguerite the matter is dropped.And if you plan not to participate Marguerite, you have that choice, but don't ruin this day for Roxton! He's done a lot for this expedition and without him we all would be dead a long time ago.

Summerlee:"I agree with Challenger, Marguerite. Make yourself scarce tomorrow if you don't want to join the party.

Marguerite:"I didn't say I didn't want to be here I just wanted to help plan it."

Veronica:"Well there is something you can do that would help with the festivities!"

Marguerite:"What's that, may I ask?"

Veronica:"We need someone to take Roxton out for the morning so we can plan things here.(pauses) Well, what about it Marguerite. You said you wanted to help plan it. And this would help a great deal."

Everyone looks at Marguerite.

Marguerite:"Well ok then. I'll do it. I don't want it to be said I didn't do my part on this expedition!"

Summerlee:"Good girl! That's the spirit!"

A moment later, Roxton enters the treehouse with two pails of water.Everyone stops talking until Challenger says:

Challenger:"John. I wondered if you and Marguerite would mind going out tomorrow to search the northern part of the plateau.Summerlee and I think there might be a route next to old abandoned cave site, we found last week."

Roxton:"Sure Challenger! Well, are you up for it! (looks at Marguerite)

Marguerite:"I guess. There's nothing to do in this rotten treehouse anyway!(sneers at Veronica)

Veronica:Why you witch!(starts out after Marguerite)

Marguerite comes towards her but Roxton grabs her, while Ned grabs Veronica back.

Roxton:"Hold up here! I guess it would be a good idea to get you two ladies away from each other if only for a day! Marguerite, we leave at first light and I don't want any arguments from you.(pause) Well, do you hear me?"

Marguerite:"Yes, I hear you!!! I'll be glad to get away from her." (she storms off)

Challenger:"Then its settled.You leave at dawn. We will expect you both back at noon."

Roxton:"Whatever you say Challenger."

Everyone heads off to bed when Ned stops Veronica and says:

Ned:"Hey Veronica, that was a good show you put on for Roxton, pretending to claw out Marguerite's eyes so he would have to take her away for the day tomorrow."

Veronica:"I wasn't pretending!"

Ned:"Oh Boy!

The next day Roxton and Marguerite leave the treehouse for the northern plateau. The others plan the party.

Marguerite:"Wait up Roxton, what's the hurry."

Roxton:"You heard Challenger,we have got to get back by noon or they will worry about us."

Marguerite:"Them worry about us ! Not a chance."

Roxton:"You know they would worry about us. Well, at least they would worry about me." (half-laughing)

Marguerite:"What are you saying Roxton, that I am expendable?"

Roxton:"No, Marguerite but if you treated people more kindly you would have friends that would worry about you."

Marguerite:"With friends like them, I don't need any enemies."

Roxton:"Come now Marguerite. I consider YOU my friend and I hope deep down inside YOU consider me your friend."

Marguerite:"Just once Roxton I would like you to take my side. Like at the treehouse I guess you think I was in the wrong."

Roxton;"Now that you mention it yes, you were wrong to call Veronica's and don't forget our home too a "rotten treehouse". If not for the treehouse, my dear we would all be rapter food."

Marguerite:(pauses for a moment then says)"Your right Roxton.I shouldn't have said that, but I get so tired of fighting dinosaurs, apemen and other creatures that live in this jungle.I want Veronica and the rest to be my friends,in fact I don't know what I would do without YOU here with me..." (Marguerite realizes she has just revealed her true feelings for Roxton)

Roxton quickly turning around to face Marguerite says:

Roxton:"What do you mean you don't know what you would do without me here?"

Roxton realizes that Marguerite has been crying.He lays down his and her rifles down on the ground.He thin picks up her chin with his hand and slowly brings her face up to him.

Roxton:"I would never let anything happen to you. You know I care about you and (pauses for a moment), and I know you care about me.Now dry your tears."

He then puts his arms around her waist, gently kisses her on her tear-stained cheek. He begins to remove his hands when Marguerite wraps her arms around his neck and begins to kiss him passionately. They kiss for a long time then Roxton says;

Roxton:"Why did we wait so long to reveal our feelings for each other? Eight long months on this blasted plateau and we didn't realize we loved each other.All this time wasted Marguerite,but now we can do something about it.Don't you agree?"

Marguerite:"Yes John I have loved you from the moment I met you at Challenger's house in London.I knew then you were the man I was destined to love but I was afraid of being rejected again and lord knows I've been rejected enough.My parents abandoning me and I couldn't bear the thought of you leaving me too."

Roxton:" Marguerite, I will never leave you and to put your mind at ease, I, Lord John Roxton hereby propose marriage to you Miss Marguerite Krux. (pauses)Well, what's your answer?"

Marguerite:"The great Lord Roxton the marrying kind. I think not .You and I together why it would only spell disaster. You see I'm .....( Marguerite sees the hurt and disapointment in Roxton's face) I'm not sure we should rush into marriage ."

Roxton:"Well, what about a long engagement. When we get off this plateau and get back to London we will have a grand wedding at my country manor. In the meantime, will you accept this? "(taking his ring off his finger and placing it on her finger.

Marguerite:(pauses for a moment) then says "Yes, John I will accept this ring from you but in the meantime can it be our little secret.I know the rest will think I am not good enough to be your wife, but I am willing to change.

Roxton:"Very well my dear, you are now my betrothed. You have made me the happiest man on this plateau." He then takes her in his arms and kisses her.

Meanwhile back at the treehouse the festivities are underway. It's decorated with ribbons and food is placed on tables.A banner reads"HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN".

Ned: You don't think they have got lost do you?

Veronica:" No,Roxton knows the jungle well enough not to get them lost.I just hope Marguerite hasn't stumbled upon some jewels and wants Roxton to carry them back for her.

Challenger:" I think Marguerite would know better not to endanger herself or John for some gems."

Summerlee:"Let's hope everything went well out in the jungle for them and they haven't lost track of time."

Veronica;"I think I hear them coming up now?" Get ready to yell SURPRISE."

Roxton and Marguerite proceed to come in from the elevator when everyone shouts" SURPRISE ".

Everyone laughs and wishes Roxton a Happy Birthday.The men shake his hand and Veronica plants a kiss on his cheek. Everyone then looks at Marguerite who then walks up to Roxton and kisses him. The kiss goes on a little too long when Roxton realizes everyone is staring at him and Marguerite so he gently pulls away from her and says;

Roxton: "This has to be one of the happiest days of my life. To be with such good friends and to know I have the love and support from all of you. This has turned out to be one great day for Lord John Roxton."

Everyone looks confused.

Marguerite:" Why John its just a birthday party.Let's dance. " Grabbing his hand in hers she proceeds to dance with him.

Marguerite:"John you almost let it slip. Now remember its OUR secret that we are engaged. No one else need know about it. OK?

Roxton:"Your right, I'm sorry luv I didn't realise what I was saying. Do you think they know what's going on?"

Marguerite:"No and let's keep it that way for now. In time we'll let them know but for now John, mums the word!" Roxton proceeds to dance with Marguerite while Ned dances with Veronica.

Challenger:"I've never seen John more happy than I have today. You would think he has never had a suprise birthday party before. Do you think something else happened out there in the jungle, Summerlee?"

Summerlee:" Who knows George but time will tell. Now lets propose a toast to the man of the hour. Everyone raise your glass for a toast. John, you saved our lives more times than we would like to remember. Thanks for being there for us. Cheers! Everyone!"

Everyone raises their glass to toast Roxton and Marguerite smiles at him while she touches the ring he gave to her which is in her pocket!

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