The First Unofficial Lost World Fan Site

Hello! And Welcome to the new home of "The First Unofficial Lost World Fan Site"!

May 11, 2016: It has been a LONG, LONG, time since I've updated! I recently discovered a Lost World forum, and I'm thrilled to see that as a lot of the website have disappeared from the web.

I do plan on moving this site to my domain, but I would also like to revamp & update it, and maybe add some more things.

What would you all like to see added to it?
Please email me with suggestions or comments :
Thanks so much! =D

Darrin, emailed me with a fantastic idea.
To start a letter writing campaign to the "Sci Fi Channel",
to pick up "Lost World". If you would like to send them an email, please
go here. Thanks Darrin! :)
Note: About writing Sci Fi Channel, Darrin told me you get automated responses.
If I can find a snail mail address, I will post it. :)

September 11th -- Remembered...

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