Matchmaker Part II

"Veronica!" Marguerite yelled.
Veronica rushed over. "Oh my, Roxton!"
"You have to help me, something bit him!" Marguerite yelled.
"Quickly lay him over here!" Veronica said, pointing to a table.
Marguerite and Veronica dragged him over there, and lifted him up onto the table.
"Get Summerlee!" Marguerite yelled.
Summerlee rush's over to see what's going on. "What's wrong??"
"Roxton's hurt!" Marguerite said. "You have to help!"
"I'll do my best. Where did he get bitten?" Summerlee asked.
Marguerite lifted up his hand. "Here."
"It's snake bite! I'm not sure how I'm going to fix this, for starters, get him some water!"
Marguerite grabbed the canteen with water in it, and handed it to Summerlee.
Summerlee lifted Roxton's head up. "Come on Roxton, you drink some of this."
Roxton opened up his mouth, and Summerlee poured some water in.
"We need the venom of a rattlesnake, Ned, you and Veronica go find some venom." Summerlee said.


Ned and Veronica scouted the area, for a rattlesnake.
"Over here!" Veronica yelled.
Ned came over to see a diamond back rattling wickedly at them.
"Who wants to take the venom?" Veronica asked.
"I will," Ned said reluctantly.
Veronica got out the bowl. "Ok." Ned grabbed the snake and quickly, put fangs over the edge of the bowl, and some venom leaked into the bowl.
Ned put the snake back down.
"Let's go!"

Veronica and Ned rushed in. "We got the anti-venom!" They said at the same time.
Summerlee took and made Roxton drink some. Roxton coughed.
"Let him rest, he's going to need some." Summerlee said. Then they all left.
Marguerite sat down next to Roxton.
"Your always saving my life, and now I'm saving yours." She then leaned down and kissed him on the cheek. "Your gonna pull through." She said as she wiped away some tears.
Summerlee came out from his room and saw Marguerite sitting there, she was sleeping lightly. Summerlee shook her gently.
"Marguerite, you should really go to bed now." Summerlee said.
She sighed. "Thank you for your concern, but I think I'll stay here."
"Alright, I'll see you in the morning then. Goodnight." "Goodnight."

When Ned awoke he saw Roxton up and making something, and Marguerite was lying on the sofa, covered up.
"Roxton.." Ned started.
"Don't Malone, I moved her there."
"O.K. How's your hand?"
"Fine I guess." Roxton said, looking at his bandaged hand.
"You know, she stayed out there all night." Ned said.
"Malone, are you trying to point out something?" Roxton asked. "She stayed out there, yes."
"But why?" Ned asked.
"Malone, shouldn't you be pestering someone else?" Roxton asked.
"Nope, just you." Ned Replied.
"She stayed out there, but she stayed all night, doesn't that mean something to you?" Ned asked.
Roxton sighed and turned to look at Ned.
Ned shook his head, and then left.
Roxton turned around. "Does it mean that she cares?" He thought.

Veronica and Marguerite were picking berries when Veronica started a conversion.
"Marguerite, have you ever thought that you've met the right person?"
"A right person?"
"Yes, maybe that person is right in front of face." Veronica said.
"Veronica, are you talking about Roxton?" Marguerite asked.
"Yes. You do like him don't you?" Veronica asked.
"Veronica, he's scruffy, he's....Roxton." Marguerite replied with a sigh.
*Yes, there is defiantly an attraction.* Veronica thought
"And what about that night, when Roxton got bitten by that snake, you stayed out there, why Marguerite Krux, you are attracted to Lord John Roxton!"
Marguerite smiled, and so did Veronica, then they burst out laughing.

Marguerite and Veronica came into the tree-house with baskets, and they still laughing.
Roxton came over. "What's so funny?"
"Marguerite.." Veronica started, but Marguerite hit her lightly in the arm.
"Marguerite, what?" Roxton asked, looking at the two.
"Why are you laughing SO HARD?" Ned asked.
Veronica laughed. "Ok, Marguerite," and then she laughed some more. "I think we need to stop now, before our lungs burst!"
Marguerite laughed, and sat down, she still couldn't stop laughing.
"Women. Laugh, Cry, who knows what makes them tick." Roxton said.
Just then they heard a cry. Marguerite and Veronica stopped laughing then.
"That's sounds like Summerlee!" Ned cried. Roxton grabbed his shotgun.
"Time to move out." Roxton said, he then cocked his gun.

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